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Hi-Tech Wild-Trek welcome

Booking Information

* The Hi-Tech Wild-Trek trailer is normally available for hire from March to October, although it can operate during the winter months and indoor events can also be staged at any time of the year.

* The standard daily hire charge is £350.00 (no VAT). A standard day is a maximum of 6 hours operation on site, plus up to 1 hour set-up and 1 hour packing up. A half-day rate of £230.00 is available if the operating time is 3 hours or less. Both of these fees are inclusive of travel provided that the distance is reasonable – under 90 mins driving each way in the case of the full day hire, under 45 mins for the ½ day hire.

* Rates are negotiable for bookings of more than 1 day, (not necessarily consecutive days) and for off-peak hire (October – March). When operating at a long distance from base, bed and breakfast accommodation is required for 2 persons plus secure parking for the trailer and, if more than one day is required, an electricity connection to recharge batteries if there is no power on site. A travel surcharge will also be payable dependent on travel time and in line with fuel price variation.

* Bookings are usually accepted in good faith and no deposit is required. An invoice is sent out after the visit, or sequence of visits, if they are within a 30 day period. Please pay on this invoice – a monthly statement will not be issued.

* HTWT reserves the right to charge a 25% cancellation fee if a booking is cancelled within 3 weeks of an event. We make every effort to attend all our bookings, but are unable to pay any compensation if HTWT fails to get there on the day through mechanical failure, illness, or other circumstances beyond our control (this has happened very rarely in our 16 years on the road).

* Hi-Tech Wild-Trek can operate in a variety of ways to suit the circumstances of an event or to meet particular educational objectives. The above charges include full planning discussions and, where appropriate and feasible, a pre-visit to the site.

* Contact Richard Osmond   T. 01489 896234  M. 07785 230449
 E. Richard@bugdiversity.co.uk

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