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Bug Story:

Print out copies of this at A4 for single student use or A3 for a small group to work on as part of a wall display.

A particular animal that has been found during a collecting activity can be researched by observation or by use of books/internet to complete the boxes.

Setting pitfall traps.PDF pitfall trap record sheet.PDF

Pitfall Trapping:

This is a great method for discovering animals that are normally hidden away during the day. Some guidance notes and 2 different ways of recording the catch are available here.

Food Chain - Food Web

These two simple layouts can be completed with images of animals from a real pond to describe the feeding relationships found there. For the food web diagram, arrows need to be added. Information for this can be found in the Pond Menu sheet.

Pond Menu

This is a listing of some actual feeding links that can help to construct interesting and accurate food chains and food webs for a real pond that is being investigated or a hypothetical pond if a real one is unavailable.

Take a look at the Webstix resource for another way to work with feeding relationships in a pond or stream.