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The way we work
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Pick up the phone or send Richard an email. You can check the trailer’s bookings diary and read about our terms and conditions on our Booking  Information page.
The main aim of the Hi-Tech Wild-Trek trailer is to provide an extra buzz to any wildlife hunt or investigation. The moving images on the big screen are a big part of that. The technology also allows data to be collected in a way that appeals to the younger generation. Hi-Tech Wild-Trek also aims to support and facilitate activities by providing equipment, advice and planning where these elements are needed. The key to our approach is flexibility. Take a look at some of the ways in which the trailer has been used in HTWT at Work
The core element of Hi-Tech Wild-Trek is the HD video camera that gives close up views of small creatures. These are displayed on the main screen at roughly 25 times life size. A separate microscope camera is also available for the smaller items. A computer provides the means of grabbing still images that can be printed out and a file of images forms part of the habitat record. The moving images are recorded digitally.. A further screen shows database output or archive material. Catching, handling and identifying of animals is fully supported by the nets, trays, pots, and ID sheets carried on board.
Hi-Tech Wild-Trek likes to work as close to the habitat as possible.
A bank of batteries provides independence from an electricity supply. Animals are collected and recorded and then returned as soon as possible with the minimum damage to themselves or their habitat. The equipment is designed to work with small animals, mostly invertebrates that can be encountered by pond dipping, pitfall trapping, sweeping grassland, beating bushes, or fossicking on the foreshore
The Hi_Tech Wild_Trek trailer
The Hi_Tech Wild_Trek trailer is a unique  facility for exploring the natural world. Ponds, streams, seashores and a variety of terrestrial habitats can all be investigated. The smaller animal inhabitants are recorded by digital imaging techniques and then returned to the wild.