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Resources In this section you will find activity sheets, recording forms and other of resources based on paper, card. Some of these are supplied in encapsulated  format. Activity Sheets and Recording Forms WebStix Feeding relationships are the key to energy movement through any ecosystem. WebStix offers a straightforward way to investigate this aspect of a pond’s ecology and yet produce some quite sophisticated outcomes. Packs of pre-printed WebStix cards carry an image of the plant or animal along with feeding information. This allows realistic food chains and food webs to be constructed using the members of the community that is being investigated. Learning Resources Activities Under-Trays

Transparent trays with a number of compartments are often used when sorting out invertebrates, particularly those in freshwater habitats.

Dipping Deeper can offer a range of enapsulated sheets that fit under the trays and guide the sorting of the animals by type or to show feeding relationships