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Test Valley 1 Anton Lakes Rooksbury Tadburn Valley Park
Animals found regularly in the Mill Lake

  Water scorpion  nymph                Darter dragonfly nymph                      Lesser waterboatman

 Waterflea (microscope view)          Toad tadpoles                        Greater waterboatman nymph

 Damselfly nymph                             Great pond snail                   Caddis larva                   Pike

Mill Lake is the largest body of water and has a well developed fringe of vegetation that is alive with dragonflies and damselflies during the summer.

In autumn, the chocolate brown heads of reed mace stand out as they begin to break up into fluffy masses of seed.

There are many types of birds within the park. The lakes support mallard, tufted duck and great crested grebes.

This exciting wetland site includes a stretch of the River Anton on the southern edge of Andover. The beautiful clear water of the chalk stream is flanked by artificial lakes that are home to an abundance of fish, birds, amphibians and invertebrates .

The former mill building lies just outside the site but the water channel running from the mill is home to water voles and, recently, otters have also begun to use the reserve.

Rooksbury Mill