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Dr. Richard Osmond advises on a range of habitat management projects with particular emphasis on freshwater environments. He has been consulted on a large number of school ponds, and also advises Test Valley Borough Council on the management of their freshwater habitats. Surveys of freshwater invertebrates can be carried out to determine BMWP and PSYM parameters or to provide a quick assessment of habitat quality.

Specialising in:

- Surveys of Ponds and Streams

- Advice on Pond Construction and Management

- Wildlife Gardening - Advice and Practical Assistance

- School Grounds Biodiversity

- Education  Out of Doors

Surveys of Ponds and Streams

Ponds and Streams can be surveyed using techniques that will provide recognised environmental standards such as BMWP score or PSYM analysis, or if you just want to know more about what lives in your pond and how healthy it is, we can do this informally or with a written report.

Pond Construction and Management

If you are enthusiastic about wildlife, then creating a pond is one of the best things that you can do improve the quality of your garden or any other area of land. Having created the pond, it will need attention to keep it in top condition and we can help with that too.

Wildlife Gardens

Whether you want to give over all of your garden to wildlife or integrate the wild with the formal, we can help plan, deliver and maintain the garden that you would like. Bringing birds, mammals, butterflies, dragonflies and other animals to your garden can be rewarding for you and help maintain our nation’s diminishing biodiversity.

School Grounds Biodiversity

Make sure your school is able to take advantage of the recent drive to take children out of the classroom and learn in the open air. Creating natural habitat areas within the school grounds will provide a stimulus, not just for Science, but for Maths, Literacy and Art and more. It can also provide a valuable link to community awareness. We can advise on the setting up  and maintenance of natural areas and provide an educational input through the Hi-Tech Wild-Trek trailer.

What will it cost?

Advice and maintenance for small scale projects is charged at £30-35/hour if the location is in South East Hampshire. Travel supplements will be applied for visiting sites that are further afield.

Full pond or stream surveys and larger scale projects can be quoted for on an individual basis.

** Pond Habitat Health Check Special **

Give your pond a quick health check for just £30                       (if within 25 miles of Winchester)

A  habitat health check can be carried out by making a quick collection of the animals living in the pond. The net sample is sorted and the different types of animals are listed. From this list, an approximate value for the BMWP score can be obtained. The higher this score, the healthier is your pond. All the animals are released unharmed back into the pond.

If necessary, suggestions can be made as to how to make the pond habitat healthier.

To find out more,

contact Richard Osmond

Education out of doors

Richard and Christine Osmond are both trained teachers with a wide range of experience. Chris has worked for many years with children challenged by learning and behavioural difficulties. Together, they can offer help with designing educational opportunities in the open air for all abilities.