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Test Valley 1 Anton Lakes Rooksbury Tadburn Valley Park

Situated on the southern edge of Romsey, Hampshire, this site is in the shallow valley formed by the Tadburn Stream as it flows towards the River Test.

Most of  the reserve is covered by valley woodland of mixed deciduous trees with alder, willow and oak predominating. The stream itself, is similar in character to a New Forest stream with a well developed riffle and pool system  over a bed of gravel or coarse sand.

Animals found regularly in the stream

 Beautiful Demoiselle                        Caddis Larva                                         Mayfly nymph

 Mite (microscope view)                 Bullhead                                    Golden-ringed dragonfly nymph

 Stickleback                                   Snail leech                       Freshwater Shrimp          Diving beetle

The shallow parts of the stream (riffles) ensure good oxygenation of the water and are the preferred habitat of bulheads

Signal Crayfish have recently invaded Tadburn Stream and may prove to be  harmful to the ecosystem.

The network of surfaced paths and bridges offer good access to those wanting to observe the wildlife

Tadburn Meadows