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Test Valley 1 Anton Lakes Rooksbury Tadburn Valley Park
Animals found regularly in the main pond

 Smooth newt (adult male)               Hoglouse                                      Diving beetle

 Hawker dragonfly nymph                Goldfish                                   Great ramshorn snail

 Damselfly nymph                          Water stick-insect          Greater waterboatman     Saucerbug     

The shallow water of the main pond has been rapidly colonised by reedmace. It is also ideal for herons to wade in as they hunt for fish.

Tall grass provides good habitat for grasshoppers and it is a good place to see Marbled White butterflies in mid- summer.

Skyswood Road pond has been reduced in size by the encroachment of reeds at the western end

Valley Park

This local nature reserve is dominated by a large balancing pond and a long established deciduous wood called Zionshill Copse. Also, there are two smaller balancing ponds and an open area of unmown grass. The invertebrate populations of the main pond is limited by the large number of small fish that includes goldfish presumably descended from unwanted pets. Most of the freshwater animal collections that are made during Hi-Tech Wild-Trek visits come from  the large balancing pond.